A little media attention


Wait a minute, am I tripping, or is your girl getting a little media attention today? Today was a day like no other. As I was preparing to share my progress from day four, I got a pleasant surprise. I counted at least thirty WhatsApp messages from my family and friends back home. Okay, what is going on? Skipping to the text from my elder sister Fattie I learned that the largest newspaper in Uganda ran an article on me.


Being recognized at home

Many of my friends and family woke up reading about their very own being given a life-changing opportunity. The headline on New Vision online version read, “Nassali has struggled all the way to the US fashion week!” It was written from an interview I did a few weeks ago with a journalist name Glorias Musiime.


This is a photo of an article that was written on Nassali Sarah in New Vision newspaper.
"New Vision Uganda news article."

After speaking with Glorias, the whole thing slipped my mind due to being consumed with the task at hand. The thought of completing so many designs in such a short time has been all I could think about. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to be getting a little media attention at this moment. The notice, in a way, allowed me to relax a bit. I needed that to help my creativity to flow through.


Even more, attention than expected.

As I began to settle from the excitement, I received a message from another sister of mine. My sister Haddy shared a link to a totally different article. This one was from an online Ugandan newspaper called The Spy. The Spy wrote, “Ugandan Fashion Designer Nassali To Debut At New York Fashion Week.” Okay, I had absolutely no idea this was coming. I never did an interview with them. However, the article was beneficial. It was actually a designer’s dream. Journalist, Andrew Irumba not only wrote a beautiful piece, but he also published photos of my ready to wear designs.


This is a photo of an article that was written on Nassali Sarah in The Spy newspaper.
"Screenshot of an article written on Nassali Sarah in The Spy Uganda."

I guess a little media attention isn’t all that bad. Reading about my designs put me in the right place. Now my creative juices are flowing even more as I prepare for fashion week.  So due to all of the media attention back home, I decided not to post from my blog yesterday. I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with too many posts on my timeline. Okay, enough gloating time to get back to the stitches. 

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