Nassali Sarah cutting fabric to create the perfect look for New York Fashion Week 2019.

Creating The Perfect Look – Day 4

Being a fashion designer is more about creating the perfect look than making clothes. In my opinion, anyone can be taught to sew fabric together, but drafting style is an art. New York fashion week brings out that art in the most prestigious way. That’s why I am focused on designing timeless pieces. Just the thought of my fashion illustrations coming alive on the runway drives me wild.

Without a signature look, one can never stand out amongst the crowd. My goal at the world’s most decorated fashion show is to leave a lasting impression on all that attend. Having the chance to showcase my collection means the world to me, and I refuse to blow it. 

Today I put the final touches on an exclusive evening gown that would leave Rihanna breathless. I will be presenting this piece in my haute couture set. This piece shows just enough skin at the same time, leaving much room for the imagination. Without giving up too much information before the big day, it presents a very nice elegant flow. As a true Muganda (my tribe in Uganda), I complimented it with just the right amount of African fabric. The African print truly accented this piece, ensuring that the vibrant colors pop. 

Fashion designer, Nassali Sarah, adding African print to a dress to create the perfect look.
"Nassali Sarah adding African waxed fabric to a piece in her haute couture collection."

My first piece had given me the confidence that I’m on the right track to creating the perfect look as planned. I’m only left with a few final touches to tick this beauty of my list. 

Okay, so I’m off to a great start. My haute couture accented in the most beautiful African waxed fabric will surely turn heads. I plan on bedazzling everyone inside and outside the 18th-floor ballroom at the New York Pennsylvania Hotel on September 7th. 

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