Nassali Sarah creating one of her twenty looks for New York Fashion Week 2019.

Fashion Designing – Preparations Day 3

These days it seems fashion designing is consuming every second of my day. Imagine I wake up and go to sleep thinking fashion week. I try to imagine what will New York be like. Coming from a small town in Uganda called Kyebando, a trip to such a large city can cause anxiety for me. Right now I don’t need to put the cart before the horse. I need to spend the next twenty days, creating twenty looks from my final design selections.


Sewing station preparing to design twenty articles of clothing.

My Fashion Designing Stages - twenty looks in twenty days

Designing twenty looks in twenty days is a considerable challenge. I have to dedicate a minimum of ten hours each day to each creation. Some days I can easily spend up to sixteen hours on complicated seems, cuts and creases. By the end of the day, my vision becomes a bit tunnel, so I look to my husband to tell me what he thinks. I usually seek his opinion a few minutes before he prepares for bed. Although by that time he is often beat. He works at least ten hours and then put in about eight hours with our baby while I create. 

I had to come up with a system that would give me the time I need to meet the challenge. To get in at least three to four hours while baby boy sleep, I wake up very early. Once he wakes up, I proceed with my parenting duties until my husband reaches home to take over the task. After my husband returns from work, I can dedicate another eight hours until his bedtime. 

Now that I got that figured out I can now be off to the races. The next step in my fashion designing stage is arranging from the most complicated to the least involved. I prefer to take on the most complicated of my collection first. For me, this protects me from being stalled from any unforeseen circumstances towards the end. Not only that but I also draw inspiration from the challenge. It is kind of like I place myself in competition with none other than myself. 

Creating a schedule that encourages my creativity is of significant importance to me. Growing up, I always admired how my dad operated on a rigorous program. Knocking off these twenty designs won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. 


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