New York Fashion Week 2019 Preparations

Fashion designer Nassali Sarah sketching
"Fashion designer Nassali Sarah McDonald sketching designs for New York Fashion Week 2019."

I am so excited to be attending New York fashion week 2019 this September. Oh, did I mention, I will be attending as a presenting designer? You got it, I will present my very own line Nassali Wear in the Big Apple. My friends, I have less than 30 days to prepare for my big day. I would like to invite you all to follow me on my journey personally. 

Selecting the right designs.

The first step in presenting at such a glamorous event is to select the right designs. As a designer, design selection is a significant thing. For me, I like to watch YouTube videos of previous fashion shows to find inspiration. As a fashion geek, I also subscribe to industry magazines like Vogue to stay up on the latest trends. In other words, I first do my research. 

Secondly, after countless hours, days, and sometimes weeks of scoping the scene my work begins. Now that I found the inspiration I need, I dig deep into my own creativity. At this point, I sketch my first drafts. My first drafts are usually five times more than my final selections.

Fashion design illustration by Nassali Sarah McDonlad
"Photo that Nassali sent to her sisters in her design selection process."

My final step in the design selection process is showing my drawings to my sisters. My sisters are back home in Uganda, so I send them WhatsApp pics. They are always brutally honest with me. I even trained my baby sister Rashida in fashion designing, so I love to hear what she thinks. Once I get reviews from each of my six sisters, I post the final selections on my design wall. Finally, it’s all needles and threads from there. 

Preparing for fashion week or any other fashion show is no easy task. As long as I follow my process, I will be okay. In my opinion, preparation is the key to success in designing fashion!

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