this is the image of a foam mannequin that designer Nassali is dressing.

The mannequin test – Day 5

Behind every great designer is a carved out piece of foam waiting to perform the mannequin test. Every time I dress my mannequin, it sends chills down my spine. Did I nail it, or is it back to the drawing board? That’s the golden question I ask myself every time I wrap my fabric around my lifeless friend.

The fitting before the fitting.

I anticipate the behind the scenes activities for New York fashion week are going to be overwhelming. In my imagination, I can see designers and models running around like crazy. Everyone will be pulled in many directions. And the day of and the day before fitting will be the second most important thing next to the line show. 


That is one of the main reasons I put each garment through the mannequin test. I need to see how the fabric flows adjacent to a body. Not only do the mannequin allow me to see the flow of the fabric, but it also will enable me to analyze my design. As a designer, I am a perfectionist. When I make a dress, I want it to be able to stand next to the most exquisite couture and turn heads. 

Today I spent time examining my designs on my mannequin to add any final touch it might need. This was also my mock fitting. I know fitting a mannequin is not the same as a real-life model, but it’s my only alternative. This small test will satisfy me for now. Once I reach New York and have my first live fitting, it’ll be easier for me to make final modifications. 

At this moment I’m pleased with my cute little mannequin. Today I put three dresses though the mannequin test, and they all passed with flying colors. 

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